Springtime in Austin

Springtime in Austin

The view from our front porch

It’s nice to winter in a location with, well… no winter!  Sure, there are days when it actually drops to freezing.  No, really!  There’s quite a bit of wind some days.  Our new grill got blown clean off the back patio during one particularly bad burst (gusts were near 100MPH that evening).  It has a lovely dent in one of the legs to show for its 20 foot tumble across our patio and lawn.  Fortunately it remains 100% functional.  We will be keeping it in the garage in the future.


Full-blown spring has yet to descend upon us, which is quite strange seeing we’ve already had a 95 degree day and most days are in the 70s now.  It’s as though the plants here are content to doze longer than those in Utah.  The plants in Utah must know they must sprout as early as possible to maximize growth potential.  I’m sure there is a mechanism that works something like that.

As spring continues to bloom, so will the pictures.  Keep watching!

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