Ruminations on our return to Utah

There’s nothing quite like ice cream and popsicles to cool down with a smile!

We had an enjoyable trip, for the most part.  It’s taken us 2 weeks to recover from the stresses and strains of our travels, hence the belated post.  Even though it was meant to be a vacation it was a journey filled with thoughts, reflection and realizations.


We realized – and not just Diana and I, but even our children – that Texas is home now.  We wondered whether we would arrive in Utah and be home sick.  Well, we were, but not for Utah.  That was strange and somewhat unexpected.  Utah had been our home for our entire lives.  And yet here we were back “home” and it felt like anything but home.  It was truly surreal to be so completely familiar with all of the geography of a place but to feel like a stranger in a strange land.

We thought about all of the good times we had in Utah and all of the growing experiences.  We miss our extended family.  It was great fun for our children to meet with their cousins.  The above photo is of Emma and Hannah with their cousin Lincoln Cook.

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