An Unfortunate Occurrence

My brother and his family came up from Houston to spend a day with us. They came for Patience’s 8th birthday party on Friday the 24th. We were invited to breakfast at my sister-in-law’s house a few blocks away. As we were leaving I stepped between our vans down into the gutter having forgotten that the gutter drops away because there’s a large storm-drain there. If you’ve ever seen the like, it’s big enough to swallow cats, small dogs and probably infants as well, but that’s beside the point. The gutter typically is only a six to 8 inch drop… except where these storm drains are.

I stepped down thinking it was a short drop and seriously messed up my ankle. I hobbled along on it for a few seconds to ascertain if it was broken or not. (I’ve sprained my ankles so many times I know what I’m looking for — don’t try this at home!). Diana had to drive home as I was in no state to be pressing the gas pedal, leave alone the brake pedal. I was slowly rotating the ankle trying to get a feel for how bad it was and there was plenty of clicking and popping. I messed this one up good. The video below is at approximately T+1 hour.

Having survived the first day on ibuprofen and herbal muscle relaxants I went off medicine today to see if I’d be able to manage without. And also to see how bad the pain will be. I may just be able to drive (I sat in my car and tested my foot on the gas and brake pedal — not too bad), but I will wait until tomorrow to see for sure.

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