An Ordinary Miracle

Emma did an amazing thing.  She found a caterpillar, continued to feed it its preferred food, watched it transform into a chrysalis and then released the beautiful black swallow-tail back into nature.  She’s doing it again.  She has three more to go.  One is already a chrysalis, the other two caterpillars have a ways to go before they transform.  We were so amazed to watch the whole process.  It was unfortunate that we missed the butterfly emerging.  That happened while we were at church today.  It was beautiful to watch and to experience.  We only got limited footage, some of which you can see here.

It was really neat to see the butterfly take off.  We didn’t think it was completely ready.  Some of the children went back inside as we thought it was going to be a while.  I managed to get it to climb onto my finger.  It was pretty comfortable there.  Emma wanted me to transfer it to her finger and it readily did.  It only stayed on Emma for about five to ten seconds before it took off!  We thought it would only just land on the nearby flower pots but it kept going…and going until we couldn’t see it any more!  We were so unprepared that Diana wasn’t ready with the video camera.  That’s why the footage picks up a few moments after the take-off.  You can barely make out the black wings flying over our neighbor’s shed toward the end of the video.  Emma can’t wait for the next one to emerge.  We hope to catch it on video this time.  Until next time, remember to be nice to butterflies!

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