Summer Heat vs. Summer Rain

I like warm weather. I like being able to be comfortable outdoors without coats and other gear. I don’t mind wearing those to be in colder weather, mind you, but I prefer the freedom of not needing them. I do like the weather to be occasionally broken up, though, by a cooler day here or there. Better yet, I like rain now that I don’t live in Utah.

Yeah, that’s a strange one for me. I discovered that the reason I hated rain in Utah was because the rain in Utah was always cold, even in the heat of summer.  The rain in Texas has proven to be pleasant and even warm sometimes.  It just doesn’t bother me the same.

With that said, I find the lack of rain this year disturbing.  Texas is in the middle of a nasty drought.  Streams and rivers are starting to look like garden pools instead of flowing bodies of water.  Plants are growing in the now-exposed, fertile riverbed soil.  It’s kind of weird to see.  Last summer was apparently normal and periodically rainy.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…

I miss the rain.

I miss it in all of its Texas glory.  Huge torrents of water, veritable deluges compared to the bits we grew up seeing in Utah.  Bring on the rain again.  I’m ready now.

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