Ghetto Tortilladora

So, in lieu of the time consuming nature of hand-rolling tortillas, and the frequency we eat them, I thought it would be helpful to make a tortilla press, or tortilladora.  From what I found, they tend to be kind of cobbled together in places in Central and South America, so my creation is not necessarily that unusual.

I had several issues I wanted to address.

  1. Most tortilla presses are only for corn tortillas and suitable for 5 to 7 inch diameter tortillas.  I wanted one that would press up to 9 inch tortillas.
  2. Many tortilla presses are horrible at making thin tortillas, so my press needed to be capable of making them sufficiently thin for my taste.

The result is the Ghetto Tortilladora (click on the thumbnails for larger versions):

Ghetto Tortilladora
Ghetto Tortilladora 2
Ghetto Tortilladora 3

While I freely admit that this is large and unwieldy (and a bit ugly), it really gets the job done. I had thought to take pictures of the finished product, but they all got eaten! The tortillas that come out of this press are virtually indistinguishable from store-bought flour tortillas. I press the dough balls between sheets of waxed paper, then I can stack them in the refrigerator and store them for quite some time. This allows me to cook up fresh ones whenever I want!

If you’re interested in dimensions, I can offer those if you want. Just add a comment and I’ll try to get back to you soon.

I can also post our recipe and some video at some future point showing the press in action as well as the final product, and cooking, etc.
Here are some pictures without the annotations.

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