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The Life & Times of the Mildensteins — 2011

And so, with as minimal fanfare as I can manage, I give to you, The Life & Times of the Mildensteins 2011 — Online Edition Click a link below to view the movie: Nathanael Hannah Gabriel Patience Sam Emma Aubria … Continue reading

Ghetto Tortilladora

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So, in lieu of the time consuming nature of hand-rolling tortillas, and the frequency we eat them, I thought it would be helpful to make a tortilla press, or tortilladora.  From what I found, they tend to be kind of … Continue reading

Go and see

If you ever get a chance to see the Saints Unified Voices Choir, directed by Gladys Knight, you would be foolish to pass it up. We saw them perform last night and it was amazing! More to follow.

Panoramic Rainbow

Panoramic Rainbow

I took this picture with the Microsoft Photosynth iPhone app.  It’s stitched together from multiple smaller shots.  It turned out rather well.  You don’t often see complete rainbows this strong.  This was the 3rd or 5th of July.

Photos from our trip

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Here’s a selection of photos from our trip!

Summer Heat vs. Summer Rain

I like warm weather. I like being able to be comfortable outdoors without coats and other gear. I don’t mind wearing those to be in colder weather, mind you, but I prefer the freedom of not needing them. I do … Continue reading

Rooftop Concert in Provo

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We had a fun time attending a rooftop concert with Matt & Heather and their son Cole (who is Nate’s age). The playlist was literally the entire “Abbey Road” album, start to finish, with different performers singing/playing different songs. It … Continue reading

It's even gluten free!

Patience got to celebrate her birthday a bit early as we’ll be back in Texas for her birthday. Happy birthday 3 weeks early, Patience!

Gone Fishing

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We had a ball fishing with Jessica, Law, Gray, Ashtyn & Grandpa Pete!  We all had trout for dinner that night (and they were tasty!) and most of us had minor sunburns too, in spite of sunscreen (some spots didn’t … Continue reading

Nate insisted on sleeping like this, isn’t he adorable!!


Sleeping Superhero! Conquering bad dreams one at a time!