Photos from our trip

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Here’s a selection of photos from our trip!

Summer Heat vs. Summer Rain

I like warm weather. I like being able to be comfortable outdoors without coats and other gear. I don’t mind wearing those to be in colder weather, mind you, but I prefer the freedom of not needing them. I do … Continue reading

I have lots to post from our trip that hasn’t even made it to my computer yet. Hope to get it online soon.


Rooftop Concert in Provo

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We had a fun time attending a rooftop concert with Matt & Heather and their son Cole (who is Nate’s age). The playlist was literally the entire “Abbey Road” album, start to finish, with different performers singing/playing different songs. It … Continue reading

It's even gluten free!

Patience got to celebrate her birthday a bit early as we’ll be back in Texas for her birthday. Happy birthday 3 weeks early, Patience!

Gone Fishing

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We had a ball fishing with Jessica, Law, Gray, Ashtyn & Grandpa Pete!  We all had trout for dinner that night (and they were tasty!) and most of us had minor sunburns too, in spite of sunscreen (some spots didn’t … Continue reading

So much packing…

Still packing and preparing. It took nearly all day to prep the yard and set up an automatic sprinkler system. Diana’s been packing all day and we’re both packing now.

I am so excited to be headed on vacation this weekend!  The anticipation is seriously killing me!

Nate insisted on sleeping like this, isn’t he adorable!!


Sleeping Superhero! Conquering bad dreams one at a time!