I decided it was time to write again after too long a hiatus. The fact that I can also blog straight from my iPhone doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Our little pioneer

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Aubria is off to do a re-enactment of a handcart pioneer trek this morning. We hope she has a good time and brings back some good stories and pictures!

An Ordinary Miracle

Emma did an amazing thing.  She found a caterpillar, continued to feed it its preferred food, watched it transform into a chrysalis and then released the beautiful black swallow-tail back into nature.  She’s doing it again.  She has three more … Continue reading


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As you can see, I have glasses now. It’s actually only for when I’m in front of the computer for long periods of time, to reduce eye strain.  I have a strange gap in my vision.  Up-close, 20/10.  At a … Continue reading

An Unfortunate Occurrence

My brother and his family came up from Houston to spend a day with us. They came for Patience’s 8th birthday party on Friday the 24th. We were invited to breakfast at my sister-in-law’s house a few blocks away. As … Continue reading

1 Week Ago: Baby Nathanael

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It’s been quite a week. We brought Nathanael Jared Mildenstein home from the hospital 2 days after he was born. It was a rough birth for Diana but all is well. The full story may make it here later, maybe … Continue reading

Ghetto Studio, Part 1

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So Diana and I are aspiring photographers. That is to say that we both have an interest in photography but since we have a limited budget we feel limited in what we can do with the equipment we have. Enter … Continue reading

Ruminations on our return to Utah

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We had an enjoyable trip, for the most part.  It’s taken us 2 weeks to recover from the stresses and strains of our travels, hence the belated post.  Even though it was meant to be a vacation it was a … Continue reading

Drumroll, please!

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Without further ado, we introduce our latest addition to the family.  It is no small thing that we have been so fortunate that our doctor’s practice has one of the new 4D Real Time ultrasound machines.  The footage may appear … Continue reading


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It was a lot of fun.  We’ll take anyone who comes to visit down with us.  We bought an annual membership.  You see, it would be $62 to pay for a single trip for our whole family, but an annual … Continue reading