In which I channel Elmer Fudd…

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I did a terrible thing yesterday. I mowed the lawn. Yes, mowing my lawn was a terrible thing to do. Do you know why? I killed a baby bunny. I’m sure it didn’t suffer. There wasn’t enough left to actually … Continue reading

Not an April Fool’s Joke

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So, we’re expecting our seventh child. It’s official. We were worried for a bit that it’d be twins, but the ultrasound was quite conclusive on the matter. Diana and I are quite excited. Due date is expected to be 18 … Continue reading

Springtime in Austin

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It’s nice to winter in a location with, well… no winter!  Sure, there are days when it actually drops to freezing.  No, really!  There’s quite a bit of wind some days.  Our new grill got blown clean off the back … Continue reading