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So, school has now begun in earnest.  Too bad the cooler weather didn’t last longer.  It’s supposed to hit 106 degrees again today.

Aubria’s in a bunch of pre-AP classes in addition to AP US History.  The others are in a new homeschool co-op and having a ball.  Me?  I’m still teaching seminary and working like crazy.  It’s been a busy summer.  It almost seems less frantic having school again.  Almost.

Things to do:

  1. Aubria & I are performing in her organ class recital (I’ll be on the piccolo trumpet, she’s accompanying me)
  2. Not work on Monday!
  3. Get things done around the house
  4. Not work on Monday!
  5. Spend time with my family
  6. Not work on Monday!

I’m restoring a 1959 Lowrey Heritage Organ in my spare time.  I finally moved it inside from my garage, where it’s been for nearly a year.  It’s too hot to work on in the garage.  Now I can work on it at my convenience.  It’s 99% functional, with only 1 key not working.  The problem is cleaning the contacts.  This organ is completely analog, which means that if the contacts are dirty, the sound can be inconsistent or squirrely.  It’s been extremely tedious work, but the heavily oxidized and corroded contacts are coming clean.  The tough part is re-assembly after cleanup.  If I do one stop or so per day, I’ll be done in no time, though!

I’ll be sure to post pictures and perhaps even video after it’s all done.

I have lots to post from our trip that hasn’t even made it to my computer yet. Hope to get it online soon.

I decided it was time to write again after too long a hiatus. The fact that I can also blog straight from my iPhone doesn’t hurt either. 🙂